The Adornment Of The Body . . .

is a human need. I don’t see anything superficial about it unless your life becomes very materialistic.  –David LaChapelle 

During your journey in creating your own style, certain accessories bring another dimension to the potential look you desire.  Over the last few years, tasteful jewellery pieces have quietly made their way back onto men.  Bracelets or as a friend of mine (she is so fashionistic!) categorically glossed my updated profile picture on Facebook, “Yassss. Colors. Prints. Layers. Time . mancelet Stubble chuckle chuckle perfection,” are another item that can make or break img_20160217_190835your outfit.  There is an endless variety to choose from.  And this is wear where the fun begins.  Donning one in conjunction with a watch, it can add a little bit of gochujang to your ensemble.  Wearing too many, as one can find throughout the world wide web, well, let me state it may work for some but I would err on the side of caution.  I am prejudiced in my tastes and by no means want the reader to embrace my standard as their own.  Guinea pig yourself!  Experiment.  Ask questions.  Observe reactions and find what suits you the best!   My standard fair is watch, beaded bracelet and leather bracelet on the right wrist.  Other times, I will wear the beaded bracelet in conjunction with the leather bracelet and leave the watch solo.  With bracelets, it is another outlet for your personality to shine.  I am Buddhist so I have a couple of pieces with Buddha incorporated into the beadwork.  I ordered a few more Buddhist themed bracelets this past week from where else?  Ebay!  Now, there are high-end designers of bracelets but as the name of the blog states, you’re Poor, Broke And Handsome not, Rich, Prosperous And Handsome

20150723_163836In the featured picture, I have a fish-hook bracelet (this is not a makau) that was purchased through Ebay for $4.99.  For example, Miansai makes beautiful bracelets but you won’t find a bracelet under $60.  Title Of Work is another high end maker of bracelets.  Browse, day-dream then smile.  Asos sells bracelets too at a much lower price point but I still suggest Ebay.  All of the bracelets in the above picture were purchased thorough Ebay (for under $40!) except for two.  I won a Tonino Lamborghini stainless steel bracelet on an auction site over a decade ago for under $50.  Roughly around the same time, I spent $125 on the 925 sterling silver dragon mesh bracelet which was purchased from a website that sold Asian jewellery.  For those interested, the bracelet was made in Thailand hence the hook style. 

A recommendation I will intimate is wearing a certain style of bracelet according to season.  Exempli gratia, nautical theme bracelets for the late Spring throughout the Summer.   Of course, you may want that Spring/Summer feeling all year long.  The choice is yours!  Do allow your personality to shine through this outlet.  And yes, do keep in mind the color palette of your clothes but you can be much, much looser in this respect.  Remember, experiment to find, so ultimately the panache you exhibit turns every head in the room!  Jal ga!